In-Stock Flywheel Autofacer

The Autofacer is a tool that allows machinist to reach through a hole and machine a circular feature* on the back side of the part automatically. This is accomplished by folding the cutting blade into the shaft of the tool body allowing the tool to pass into the part. Once the tool has entered the part, the cutting blade is mechanically opened and cutting may begin.


  • In-Stock & Ready to Ship
  • Inch & Metric Weldon shanks available
  • Fully supported in pilot hole during cutting
  • Utilizes machine spindle inertia to open & close the cutting blade
  • Shear pin design protects the tool investment, workpiece and machine spindle in the event of tool overload.

Counterbore Ø Range:

  • 9.5mm (.375″) to 33mm (1.299″)


Spare Parts Kits

Includes: Activator Pin, Activating Rod, Retaining Ring, Shear Pins (3), O-Ring, Pivot Pin

Cutting Data Recommendations: (MAX RPM 1500)

Counterbore Ø | 9.5mm (0.374in) – 15.5mm (0.610in)


Counterbore Ø | 16mm (0.630in) – 19mm (0.748in)


Counterbore Ø | 19.5mm (0.768in) – 22mm (0.866in)


Counterbore Ø | 22.5mm (0.886in) – 24.5mm (0.965in)


Counterbore Ø | 25mm (0.984in) – 27.5mm (1.083in)


Counterbore Ø | 28mm (1.102in) – 33mm (1.299in)