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Advantages of using an eMultiCheck


  • One single measuring device for checking both – accuracy to thread size and thread depth
  • Thread gauging cycle time reduced by 80 %
  • Automized thread gauging with constant torque, irrespective of the operator
  • Simple setting of the torque
  • Reliable reading of the thread depth by a digital display
  • Measurable thread depth up to 50 mm
  • Changer system for the GO thread plug gauge and the measuring sleeve
  • Supporting operation for locating the thread start
  • Digital output for transferring the measurement
  • On request with wireless data transmission
  • GO thread plug gauge with coated finish


Available thread types

  • Thread types and measurements on request!


Operating mode

With an eMultiCheck, testing is initiated automatically via a short press of a button. The electronics recognizes the thread and begins the testing procedure by screwing in the GO thread plug gauge according to a defined torque. This occurs without the tiresome manual screwing in of the thread plug gauge’s GO side. The GO thread thread plug gauge is traversed out of the workpiece again by pressing the second push button.

The eMultiCheck is available in two varia








  • Electronically controlled drive
  • Accuracy of reading: 0.01mm
  • Digital output for transferring the measurement







eMultiCheck Wireless

  • With electronically controlled drive
  • Digital display with integrated wireless module
  • Accuracy of reading 0.01 mm









MultiCheck setting gauge

  • Checking the zero position of MultiCheck devices
  • Setting the zero position of MultiCheck devices