Specialized Autofacers for Machining Seat Pockets and Clearance Bores on Subsea Gate Valves

KA Presentation

KA Brochure


  • The Steiner KA Autofacer is a modular semi-standard front and back counterboring system that was designed for machining seat pockets and clearance bores in Gate Valves
  • The KA Autofacer utilizes expandable bushings and modular dampeners to support the tool when cutting which eliminates the need to hold a tight diameter tolerance on your flow bore
  • Our modular connection allows lengths to be built out in 6” and 12” increments.
  • The KA Autofacer can be used on standard CNC machine tools- No “W” axis is required.

Technical Benefits

  • Weld variation does not affect the manufacturing
  • Utilize same bushings as current contouring heads
  • Rough in one pass
  • Much stronger design
  • More stable process
  • W axis machine is not necessary for running KA Autofacer
  • Significantly less expensive than contouring heads
  • Does not require machine to have W axis

Machining on Vertical
Turning Lathe

  • Utilizing a VTL to machine these valves can be
    very cumbersome and often involves 3 or more
    setups to machine all required features
  • The customer will need to purchase multiple
    sizes of offset boring bars to reach out to the
    required seat pocket and clearance bore
  • The unsupported tooling typically requires
    slower speed and feeds
  • This will usually result in a rougher surface



  • Utilizes high precision boring connections to
    be able to build out lengths to suit part
  • Modular components are standard
  • Standard tool sizes from Ø2” Ø7” valves
  • Spring loaded dampener reduces vibration in
    tool body when cutting