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Steiner Technologies Is: Innovative Ingenious Family Run

Steiner Technologies, Inc., is a family-owned cutting tool manufacturer specializing in reverse machining tools. Our focus is innovative tooling solutions that eliminate costly secondary operations and reduce part process time. As the OEM of the Autofacer since 1968, we continue to be the world leader in automatic back spotfacing and back counter boring tools. There are various activation methods available for the Autofacer depending on our customers’ specific application needs.

The Steiner Difference

  • Family-owned business
  • Broadest product offering in the industry
  • Outstanding customer service: tools delivered with 100% guaranteed performance
  • Cutting solutions for a wide range of sizes: Minimum Hole Diameter – .250″ and unlimited length-to-diameter ratio
  • Far-reaching network of support, with an International network of sales reps, distributors and customer support
  • Flexibility: Multiple configurations for use on modern CNC machines, transfer lines or manual equipment
  • Quick delivery: We stock standard components plus a broad range of H. BILZ tools that are ready to ship

The 5-Step Steiner Process, At-A-Glance

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