JBO Thread Gaging Solutions

JBO Thread Gaging Solutions

Features of JBO Thread Gages

Excellent wear behavior due to supreme surface finish of thread flanks and high hardness 62 HRC for long gage life.

Gages are produced to the reduced tolerance wherever permitted by the overall gage tolerance.

Large stocks covering more than 10,000 different thread dimensions and tolerances for quick delivery.

Metric thread gages manufactured to DIN ISO 1502 / UN thread gages manufactured to ANSI / ASME B1.2

*Specials available upon request

Long-Form Certs Included With Every Gage Sold

Thread Plug Gages

Thread Ring Gages

Manual Thread Depth Gages


MultiCheck Scale

  • Accuracy of reading: 0.5mm


MultiCheck Vernier

  • Accuracy of reading: 0.1mm


MultiCheck Digital

  • Accuracy of reading: 0.01mm


MultiCheck Digital Wireless

  • Digital display with integrated wireless module
  • Accuracy of reading: 0.01mm

Advantages of using a MultiCheck


  • One single thread depth gauge for checking both – accuracy to thread size and thread depth
  • Thread gauging cycle time reduced by 50% (eMC 80%)
  • Thread depth up to 4xD can be measured (eMC up to 50 mm)
  • Application of standard thread plug gauges slightly modified
  • Simple replacement of worn plug gauges
  • Reliable reading of the thread depth from measuring sleeve or digital readout
  • Coated version on request

If you wish to replace a worn thread plug gauge that is no longer within the specified tolerance yourself, you need a dismantling kit consisting of a draw-off nut, a long spacing sleeve for the “GO“ end and a short spacing sleeve for the “NOT GO“ end.

The MultiCheck measures the length of fully formed thread. This is not exactly identical with the depth to which a screw can be screwed in, due to the distance of the start of the thread from the workpiece face.

The distance from the face to the first complete thread is 0.5 x pitch ± 0.02 mm. This ensures precise calibration with our setting gauge.

Motorized Thread Depth Gages



  • Electronically controlled drive
  • Accuracy of reading: 0.01mm
  • Digital output for transferring the measurement


eMultiCheck Wireless

  • With electronically controlled drive
  • Digital display with integrated wireless module
  • Accuracy of reading 0.01 mm


MultiCheck Setting Gage

  • Checking the zero position of MultiCheck devices
  • Setting the zero position of MultiCheck devices

Advantages of using an eMultiCheck

  • One single measuring device for checking both – accuracy to thread size and thread depth
  • Thread gauging cycle time reduced by 80 %
  • Automized thread gauging with constant torque, irrespective of the operator
  • Simple setting of the torque
  • Reliable reading of the thread depth by a digital display
  • Measurable thread depth up to 50 mm
  • Changer system for the GO thread plug gauge and the measuring sleeve
  • Supporting operation for locating the thread start
  • Digital output for transferring the measurement
  • On request with wireless data transmission
  • GO thread plug gauge with coated finish

Available thread types

  • Thread types and measurements on request!

Operating mode

With an eMultiCheck, testing is initiated automatically via a short press of a button. The electronics recognizes the thread and begins the testing procedure by screwing in the GO thread plug gauge according to a defined torque. This occurs without the tiresome manual screwing in of the thread plug gauge’s GO side. The GO thread plug gauge is traversed out of the workpiece again by pressing the second push button.

Coordinate Plug Gages

KD – CMM Coordinate Plug Gages

  • Thread-Coordinate Gauge Rod for measuring of location and angularity of threaded hole on a CMM.
  • All Standard Metric Sizes Available
  • Customs Available Upon Request


Expedited Custom Gages

The JBO “FAST LINE” program promises 2-3 week delivery ARO on special plug and ring gages on most standard thread forms that are:

Thread Diameter: Ø3.0mm-100.0mm (Ø.118-3.937”)
Pitch: .5-4mm (50 Pitch-6-Pitch on English Sizes)
Single Start Thread
In quantities of no more than 3pcs per size


M, MF, G (Whitworth), BSW (British Whitworth), BSF (British Whitworth Fine), PG (Steel Conduit Thread), MF-EL (Electrical Conduit Thread), UNC. UNF, UNEF, UNJC, UNJF, EG (STI), UN/UNS

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