• All PCD tools are cut with a laser to ensure the exceptional quality JBO has become known for.
  • The laser cutting process utilized by JBO is characterized by minimal micro-chipping of cutting edge and minimal edge rounding.
  • JBO is very well suited to offer custom PCD/CVD-D/CBN in a variety of cutter configurations.

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(Polycrystalline Diamond)  90-95% Diamond Content

A composite cutting material consisting of synthetic diamond sintered in a metal binder. The combination of hardness, thermal conductivity and bend strength makes PCD an excellent cutting material for machining non-ferrous metals and composite materials.



(Chemical Vapor Deposition Diamond)  99% Diamond Content

A composite cutting material similar to PCD, however CVD-D is binderless and has a diamond content of over 99% making it one of the hardest cutting materials in the world. Due to its higher thermal conductivity and hardness, CVD-D is ideal for cutting aluminum, hard metals, ceramics as well as fiber and metal matrix composites.



(Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride)

A composite cutting material sintered in a ceramic or metallic binder. Available in a variety of different compositions. PcBN has a higher heat resistance than PCD and is ideal for use with hardened ferrous materials.