Premium Thread Milling Cutters From JBO

Premium Thread Milling Cutters from JBO


  • Threads to different tolerance classes can be produced with the same cutter
  • Tool breakage typically does not entail scrapping of the workpiece
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Fantastic surface finishes on the threads since entire thread form is being cut with the thread mill
  • Thread milling produces shorter chips which alleviates chip control issues you typically see when tapping
  • Threads can be cut down to the bottom of blind holes
  • Universally Applicable
    (Steels, Cast Iron, Non-Ferrous Metals,
    Nickel Alloys)
  • Low Vibration
  • Variable Spiral Pitch
  • Left Hand Spiral Flutes
  • Right Hand Cutting
  • Long Tool Life

Specialty Combination Thread Milling Cutters

Combination thread milling cutters offer a comprehensive solution by integrating spotfacing, counterboring, drilling, and thread milling into a single operation. This integrated approach significantly reduces production time by eliminating the need for tool and machine changes.

JBO thread milling combination tools are made to order and optional features such as integrated RFID-Chip, internal coolant supply, and indexable facing and/or chamfering inserts are available. These high-tech tools are designed to enhance efficiency and versatility. Interchangeable thread mill cutter sizes and facing/chamfering bits can be easily swapped in the tool shank, providing flexibility for different machining requirements.

Shell Type thread Milling Cutters

Specialty shell-type thread milling cutters designed to quickly and efficiently produce external threads


  • Reduction of cutting time
  • Exceptional tool life
  • Excellent thread quality
  • Right-Hand and Left Hand threads can be produced with the same inserts
  • By changing the inserts, different pitches and profiles can be produced with the same tool
  • Adjustable exact thread depth
  • Optimized for high coolant flow
  • Optional removal of the incomplete first thread

JBO Shark Thread Mill Video Demo

Test Specifications:

Manufacturer: JBO
Material: 4140 Steel Thread
Size: 9/16-18 Thread Depth (in): .709″
Machine: Haas Vf4
Spindle Speed: 3996
Feed Rate (IPM): 23.9
Results: Cycle Time Per Hole: 2.94 Seconds
Tool Life (# of holes): 3750

Thread Mill Case Studies

JBO GF Shark Thread Mill Tool Life & Cycle Time Test
JBO M2.5x45 GFT Shark Case Study

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