TU-Series Manual Back Counterboring Tools

Features of the TU Series

What sets the TU Series apart from other back counterboring tools?

  • Cutting heads are fully fluted to allow for chip evacuation in deep counterboring or spotfacing applications.
  • Cutting heads are available in both High Speed Steel (HSS) and Brazed Carbide (HM)
  • Universally applicable on all machine types.
  • Standard metric sizes are stocked in the U.S.
  • Customs available upon request.
  • Large cutting width up to 2.5 x Ød
  • Multiple regrinds are possible
  • Several diameter combinations of cutter head and holder
  • The same basic TUHW holder with multiple TUB bushings can cover multiple guidance diameters
  • Bayonet-style connection on cutter head for quick and reliable manual tool changes

TU-Series Cutting Heads:​

Holders & Shanks

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