JBO Thread Cutting Dies

  • JBO has been Europe’s leading manufacturer of high-performance thread cutting dies for over 100 years
  • Many different geometries and tool materials available to find a perfect match for your application
  • Available in HSS, HSS-E and solid carbide
  • Available in round, round with 2-fixing holes, bell form and hexagon 
  • More than 10,000 sizes and types of dies in stock ranging in diameters from Ø1mm to 250mm
  • Custom thread cutting dies available

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JBO Thread Rolling Dies

  • JBO thread rolling dies offer non-cutting production of external threads
  • These rolling dies offer a cost-effective alternative to commercially available rolling heads
  • Threads produced by thread rolling are significantly stronger than threads that have been cut
  • Thread rolling produces no chips
  • Rolling produces excellent surface finish on the threads

Full JBO Catalog – Thread Rolling