The World Leader in Automatic Back Counterboring Tools


The World Leader in Automatic Back Counterboring Tools

Features of the Autofacer

What sets the Autofacer apart from other back spot-facing tools?

The Autofacer is an ingenious automatic back counterboring tool that allows a machinist to reach through a hole and machine a circular feature* on the back side of the part automatically. This is accomplished by folding the cutting blade into the shaft of the tool body allowing the tool to pass into the part. Once the tool has entered the part, the cutting blade is mechanically opened and cutting may begin.

Steiner Technologies is the OEM of the Autofacer since 1968 and we continue to be the world leader in automatic back spotfacing and back counter boring tools.

* Circular features might include a spot face, counterbore, countersink, chamfer, spherical radius, or some combination thereof.

Activation Methods

The 5-Step Steiner Process

Step 1

Full Assessment:

All projects start with a thorough assessment of your needs. What problems are you facing – and how can we help solve them? Our application engineers can best determine these factors when you submit your online assessment form, which is typically followed up with a phone call.

Step 2

No Obligation Quote:

Once the problem is identified and it is determined that Steiner offers a solution, we will generate a no-obligation quote and send it to you within 24 hours.

Step 3


After Steiner receives an order, the tool is designed and approval drawings are sent to the customer. Our engineering team uses state-of-the art 3D modeling and design software to ensure consistency across all Steiner products and reduce the tool design lead time. Steiner will send the approval drawings and upon request, access to a 3D model file.

Step 4


As soon as you approve and sign the design proposal, production begins. All tools are made in-house and our quality and operations team will closely monitor production every step of the way, including a stringent final inspection and assessment prior to shipment.

Step 5

Delivery & Service:

After tool delivery, our dedicated team is on-call for assistance. Additionally, we have a national network of support and will enlist a local Steiner sales rep to help with your first tool runoff to guarantee success.

Video Demos

What do Steiner solutions look like in action? Access our video library for live demos.

Ingenious Innovations: Custom Cutter Blade Fixture

Watch as we unveil our custom machining fixture, optimizing the production of Cutter Blades and Master Holders for the Autofacer, Automatic Back Spotfacing Tool.

Torque Bar Autofacer with LED Indicator Ring

This video demonstrates the functionality of our new LED Indicator Ring system for our Autofacer automatic back counterboring tools.

Case Studies

It’s not enough to simply say that Steiner increases part profitability by: reducing part process time by 80%+, eliminating costly secondary operations and automating your processes. Take a look at these real stories of customer outcomes:

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