JBO Celebrates Its 175th Anniversary: A Family Legacy in Precision Tools ​

JBO, a leading European supplier of precision tools for thread manufacturing and testing, is celebrating a major milestone: its 175th anniversary. Founded in 1849 by Johannes Boss in Onstmettingen, Germany (now part of Albstadt), JBO not only holds the title of the oldest company in the town but also boasts the distinction of being the oldest manufacturing company in the Zollern-Alb district!

Generations of Leadership

JBO remains a family-run business, emphasizing a long-term perspective. “We don’t just think in short terms,” says managing director Melanie Boss. “We think in generations.”

A Rich History

The company’s 175-year journey is not just about JBO; it’s intertwined with the industrial and social history of the region, particularly Onstmettingen. A commemorative book, compiled by Melanie and Heinz Boss, delves into these connections, bringing the company’s founders and their families to life with interesting anecdotes.

From Precision Scales to Precision Threads

Founder Johannes Boss started as an apprentice to a gunsmith Ferdinand Sauter, eventually opening his own workshop in 1849 called “Mechanical workshop for the production of fine scales”. However, for over a century, JBO has been synonymous with threading. Today, their product range includes thread milling cutters, diamond tooling, threading dies, thread gages, and more. An interesting fact: the versatile founder even created a pasta slicer – a testament to his love of noodle soup!

Adapting and Thriving

JBO has faced challenges and embraced change throughout its history. Karl Boss, who joined the company in 1904, made a pivotal decision to switch production from precision scales to threading dies during World War I – a move that continues to define the company today.

A Legacy of Dedication

Richard Boss took over the company at the young age of 22 after his father’s sudden death. He led JBO through the post-war period, focusing on sales growth and modernization. His dedication was unwavering; he even passed away on Christmas Eve, ready to go into business the next morning.

Heinz Boss, Richard’s son, joined the company and spearheaded the production of thread gages and thread milling cutters. These product lines are now JBO’s top sellers.

Melanie Boss Joins the Family Business

In 1999, Melanie Boss, representing the sixth generation of the family, joined the company after completing her industrial engineering studies. During her tenure, JBO has seen further expansion, including international sales growth and an accredited calibration laboratory for thread gages.

JBO’s success is attributed not only to the Boss family’s leadership but also to its dedicated workforce, some of whom have multi-generational ties to the company. With nine-year-old Svenja expressing a desire to join the business, it seems the legacy is poised to continue into the seventh generation.

Celebrating the Anniversary

To commemorate this milestone, JBO has created a 60-page anniversary book available as a digital flipbook on their website. A printed hardcover version can be requested by contacting the company via email at contact@johs-boss.de

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