The Top 5 Manufacturing Events to Attend this Fall – And Why They’re So Critical

These days, there’s so much happening in manufacturing that it’s hard to keep up. For the Steiner team, one way we keep our finger on the pulse of all the goings-on in the industry is through trade shows, tool exhibits, conferences and other live events. These events serve as a key source of inspiration; they help us find the best ways to capitalize on opportunities and overcome our biggest challenges in the industry. Here we’ll touch on some of those challenges and opportunities – plus offer a quick round-up of the events that are on our radar for autumn.

Rising Trends & Challenges

Today’s technology lurches us forward faster than ever before. It presents new opportunities and innovations that improve our manufacturing processes, products and overall efficiency. Live events are an invaluable way to stay on top of the most cutting-edge tech trends. Last year, for example, I walked away from IMTS Chicago with several new ideas that Steiner could implement to drive our company forward. (Here’s a recap on the 3 biggest takeaways and inspirations.)

And then there are the challenges – most notably, the increasing shortage of incoming professionals in manufacturing. It’s a problem that I expect to plague us not only today, but throughout the next couple of decades.

So as in years past, a key focus for me at this year’s events will be finding the best ways to compensate for the shrinking resource pool while still staying relevant to new prospects. For example, how can we use automation to eliminate secondary operations and reduce the need for manpower? Which tools and machines will streamline our processes in the most cost-effective way in years to come? With these questions in mind, we carefully balance our line-up of events in hopes of gaining valuable takeaways that will ultimately cover the cost of admission (which has invariably been rising in the last few years).

Upcoming Events for Fall 2017

So which events are on our radar? Fortunately, there are a number to choose from in the coming weeks that will provide just the industry insights we’re looking for!

1 | SEPTEMBER 5-7, Indianapolis, IN

Modern Machine Shop Top Shops Conference

How do we make our business more efficient? In what ways can we optimize shop-floor practices? This conference offers a zoomed-out look at the best practices and processes that have helped leading manufacturers become top performers in their sectors. More Details

2 | SEPTEMBER 12-14, 2017; OCTOBER 24-26, Regional


Sponsored by the Association of Manufacturing Technology (AMT), these popular, well-attended events offer a great look at all the latest tools and technologies – and because they are regional, it makes it easier for more manufacturers to attend. Additional AMT regional events include EASTTEC and Houstex (focused on Oil & Gas), scheduled for 2019. More details: Westec | South-tec

3 | SEPTEMBER 18-23, Hannover, Germany

EMO (Machine Tool World Exposition)

This comprehensive trade fair designed for the metalworking sector offers a vast showcase of trends and innovations. Steiner will be exhibiting our tools along with industry partners H. Bilz and Mollart. More Details

4 | SEPTEMBER 25-28, Ontario, Canada

Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS)

This extensive show is targeted toward manufacturers who are looking to automate and/or create efficiencies on the shop floor and improve upon existing processes. The Steiner team is looking forward to exhibiting at this show along with Expertech Distribution & Technologies, Inc.
More Details

5 | OCTOBER 11-13, Atlanta, GA

Global Forecasting and Marketing Conference

Similar in nature to Top Shops, this conference is packed with ideas that can inform and amplify your overarching business strategy. From this, our team hopes to gain insights on how to identify and penetrate new markets and capitalize on today’s most promising industry trends.
More Details

“Microshow” Demonstrations

In addition to the well-known, large-scale events, we’ve found great value in attending a handful of smaller, more informal “microshows.” These demonstrations give machine tool dealers and builders a chance to showcase their products in a much more intimate setting. One upcoming show this September is Gosigerfest, where Steiner will be demonstrating the Autofacer.

Microshow” Demonstrations

Keep in mind, while the events mentioned here are the ones on Steiner’s radar, every business is different, and should choose the events where they will find the most value. Many of the large manufacturing events require a significant investment — in time, resources and budget — and It’s up to business owners to prioritize which ones will make the biggest impact on their business.
Would you like to connect with the Steiner team? Or discuss any of these upcoming events? We’ve love to hear from you — just contact us at any time!

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