Benefits of Laser Cut PCD vs EDM Cut… How Are They Manufacturing Your PCD Tooling?

What is the difference and what does that mean for your tooling?

In the world of manufacturing, cutting tools are a critical component in the production process. When it comes to cutting tools made of polycrystalline diamond (PCD), there are two primary methods of fabrication: laser cutting and electrical discharge machining (EDM). Both methods have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, but in this blog, we’ll focus on the benefits of laser cut PCD cutting tools over EDM cut.

First, let’s briefly cover what PCD cutting tools are. PCD cutting tools are made by bonding diamond particles onto a carbide substrate. The resulting material is extremely hard and wear-resistant, making it ideal for cutting applications in various industries.

Now, let’s look at the benefits of laser cut PCD cutting tools:

  1. Improved Surface Finish Laser cutting produces a much finer and more precise edge compared to EDM. This results in an improved surface finish on the PCD cutting tool, which translates to a better finish on the workpiece. In many applications, a smoother surface finish can result in improved performance and longer tool life.
  2. Higher Precision Laser cutting is a highly precise process that can cut extremely small features with tight tolerances. This precision is especially important for PCD cutting tools, which require a high degree of accuracy to ensure that they are cutting the workpiece as efficiently as possible. Laser cutting can produce tools with extremely tight tolerances, resulting in more precise cuts and better performance.
  3. Reduced Material Waste EDM cutting generates a lot of heat and can result in material waste due to melting and erosion. In contrast, laser cutting is a non-contact process that produces minimal heat, resulting in less material waste and reduced production costs. Laser cutting also allows for intricate shapes to be cut out of the PCD material, resulting in more efficient use of the material.
  4. Faster Production Time Laser cutting is a much faster process compared to EDM, which can take hours to complete. This means that PCD cutting tools can be produced more quickly, reducing lead times and increasing overall production efficiency.
  5. Better Consistency Because laser cutting is a highly automated process, the resulting PCD cutting tools are much more consistent than those produced using EDM. This means that each tool will have the same shape, size, and performance characteristics, resulting in more consistent results when cutting workpieces.

In conclusion, laser cut PCD cutting tools offer a range of benefits over those produced using EDM. From improved surface finish and higher precision to reduced material waste, faster production time, and better consistency, laser cut PCD cutting tools are a smart choice for a variety of cutting applications. While there are certainly situations where EDM cut PCD cutting tools may be more appropriate, laser cutting is often the preferred method due to its superior performance and cost-effectiveness.

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