The Dilemma of a Back Chamfering Application

As a manufacturing engineer you are tasked with making it happen on the floor. There is always a machining challenge to face that requires you to reduce the cycle time. When it comes to back chamfering a part it can be a real head scratcher to improve the process. Normally you would have to use a two piece system. You know the kind, you insert the holder in the hole, stop the machine and have the operator stick his hand in the machine to attach the second piece. Then you wait until the operator is out of the machine. Run the part till the operation is done, stop the machine and detach the second piece by hand. Wait again until the operator is clear, start the machine up again and withdraw the tool.

Wow that was easy

Or maybe you have tried the so called mechanically opened tools that are using just coolant or centrifugal force to help them flop open after it passes the hole opening and then hopefully closes upon retraction. I say hopefully because there is a huge bin somewhere with parts (expensive ones) that have been scrapped by these well-meaning tools.

.Back Chamfering using a mechanically activated tool isn’t science fiction or fantasy. Manufacturers have been using such a tool for more than 40 years. Of course those of you in the know – know what I am talking about. You have benefited from the elimination of the secondary operation, saving time and money and you have spared your employees the risk that comes with that secondary operation. You have drastically cut cycle times and increased part profitability. Some of you were promoted for bringing this tool onto your shop floor,and were viewed as a forward thinking, cost savings genius. What tool am I talking about? The Autofacer from Steiner Technologies. The only truly mechanically activated – fully automatic – back chamfer tool on the planet..

This is the only tool that is customized for your direct application and machine. The time saving can be amazing, startling in fact. 80% reduction in cycle times or higher.

If you aren’t familiar with the process check out this link,

Watch Video

the video will walk you through how it works and how you and your company can benefit from the Autofacer family of tools. Have a comment to make about back chamfering or chamfer tools in general, we would like to hear about them.

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